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Lunch project


Addis Abeba, Wukro



Unfortunately, we noticed during lessons that some children were always very tired and sometimes left school early. The reason for this is that many schoolchildren come from very poor families and do not always receive sufficient nourishment each day. These children therefore keep their heads above water by peddling, working on the black market, begging or stealing. In order to prevent this as much as possible, we initiated the Lunch Project.

How the project works

  • Teachers and social workers identify the children affected by visiting them at home.

  • Every child participating in the project receives a free hot meal at lunchtime during the school period at the SELAM school (from mid-September to late June).


How can I help?

You can support the Lunch Project with a donation. With just CHF 10, a child receives a cooked lunch for the period of one month during the school period.

When a child isn't hungry, they can concentrate properly at school. By donating, you can help solve an important yet common problem. 



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