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Storm relief

The war-torn region of Tigray in the north of Ethiopia was hit by heavy rains and hailstorms. During the rainy season, heavy rains are nothing unusual, but this time the extent was devastating for our SELAM Wukro Children's Village. Now a large part of the harvest has failed. Will you help with the reconstruction?

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Current situation

We expect a crop failure of over 80%. In addition, there are the damaged school roofs. We estimate the damage to be at least CHF 50,000. What happened?


The rains and hailstorms have caused great damage to the farm and school buildings of SELAM Wukro Children's Village:

  • A large part of the normally very high-yielding crop was damaged. Crops planted included lettuce, cabbage, corn, avocado, papaya, apples, eggplant, beets, pepperoni and alfalfa.

  • The corn field was needed not only to feed the children and for sale, but also as cattle feed.

  • The avocado trees need about 3 years until the first fruits grow. Fortunately, a few avocados could still be saved here.

  • The roofs of some classrooms have partially collapsed and are damaged. It is imperative that these be repaired by the start of school in September.

  • The needed food, which normally can be provided by the own farm, now has to be bought at market prices.

  • The prices for food and also for building materials have risen extremely due to the high inflation. The children's village will have to face a large additional financial burden.

Aktuelle Situation

How can I help?

Wie kann ich helfen

The most effective way to help is with a donation. Currently, we estimate the crop loss to be more than 80% and the amount for reconstruction to be at least CHF 50,000. As soon as we can estimate the exact amount of damage, we will inform you on this website. Your donation will help us to buy urgently needed food, seeds and building materials. Will you help with the reconstruction?

Impact of my donation

Einsatz der Spende

CHF 90

Provide nutrition for 1 Wukro child for 1 month

CHF 200

Contribution to the roof renovation of the school buildings

I donate for





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Online donation

Online Spende

Donation through wire transfer

Zürcher Kantonalbank

Verein Kinderheim SELAM Äthiopien - Anlässe
CH90 0070 0114 8053 9392 9
Account Nr.: 1148-5393.929

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Purpose: Wukro storm relief

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