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National service

Doing your national service with us is enriching for you and SELAM itself. We are currently engaged in discussions to establish when people can once more travel to Ethiopia to perform their national service.


Those interested in performing their national service with SELAM can find the necessary details on how to apply on the national service portal. 


We offer national service in five different areas (see below). The requirements are a traineeship certificate ("Lehrabschluss") or several years' practical experience in one of these fields; a minimum age of 23 or 24 (depending on the area); and good English skills. Deployments last between three and six months. 


People performing their national service with SELAM can get involved in the following areas:

·    Metalwork and Mechanical Engineering

·    Electrical Engineering / Electronics

·    Woodwork

·    Agriculture

·    Catering

Are you interested in a deployment and would you like to find out more? Our programme director, Christoph Zinsstag will be happy to answer your questions. 

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