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High quality education

A proper school education and vocational training adapted to the respective individual's living environment provide good prospects for finding employment in the local economy and thus living an independent existence. ( FDFA / 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ). Here you can find out how SELAM is contributing towards this goal.


SELAM schools

In recent years, an average of 2,700 school students a year have attended the SELAM schools (kindergarten to year 11). Since 2019, SELAM has also offered a year-12 class to prepare students for final exams. Evening classes for adults were introduced in 2020 with the aim of closing educational gaps in people's primary education. 488 adults have made use of this service to date.

Vocational training

Since 1989, SELAM has been offering vocational training focusing on manual skills. Short-term traineeships have also been recently introduced. Vocational training is offered at three sites in Ethiopia. Over the last seven years, an average of 740 trainees a year (men and women, with an upward trend) have completed a traineeship via SELAM's vocational training service. SELAM continues to assist all graduates for a further six months in order to support them as they find their feet in the world of work.

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