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Our partners

Since it was first founded, SELAM has mainly been funded by private individuals. In addition, we also receive many collections from church congregations as well as regular support from a few companies and foundations. We thank all our partners who have supported us in a variety of ways in recent years. Are you also interested in a partnership? Here you can find more information about the possibilities.

Alfred Ilg Gesellschaft and Lionsclub, Frauenfeld:

Agricultural training since 2017

ARC (Addressing Root Causes of Migration) / EYE (Employable Youth in Ethiopia)

Since 2017

Finanzierung von einem Elektrotechnik Lehrgang und Kurzzeitausbildung in diesem Bereich seit 2022

Finanzielle Unterstützung sowie Beschaffung von Material, Kleingeräten und Hygieneprodukte für die SELAM Zahnklinik.

Short-term training project in Awassa

Vocational training centre at Hawassa and Dire Dawa and milking equipment since 2015

Short-term training project in Addis Ababa since 2019

Commercial traineeships. Fully managed by SELAM since 2017.

Short-term training project LIWAY (Livelihood Improvement for Women and Youth) since 2018

Hawassa vocational training centre since 2015

Die Produktionsfirma SELAM TRIAE ist eine "income generating activity" von SELAM Children's Village und unterstützt das Hilfswerk SELAM jährlich mit einem finanziellen Beitrag.

Tesfa-Ilg Foundation, Zurich

IT traineeships since 2012

Training centre for drivers of heavy motor vehicles since 2019

Traineeship in Construction-Vehicle Mechanics, started 2013, fully managed by SELAM since 2018

Short-term training-course project, ARC (Addressing Root Causes of Migration) /

EYE (Employable Youth in Ethiopia), in Addis Ababa and Hawassa since 2017

Dental practice at the SELAM clinic since 2015

We are in regular contact with nearly all Swiss aid organisations working in Ethiopia, as well as with the Swiss embassy in Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian embassy in Geneva. In 2018, SELAM initiated the informal IGET platform for Swiss stakeholders in Ethiopia, for which an annual meeting is organised in Switzerland.

Additional support

SELAM also receives support from other sources:

5% of every purchase is donated to the SELAM sewing workshop

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