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We are looking for ambassadors

We are looking for voluntary ambassadors who will represent the concerns of our work in churches. Thanks to the support of churches, SELAM has been able to offer hundreds of needy children and young people in Ethiopia a loving home and a good education over the past 35 years. Does that sound interesting to you?

How can I get involved?

There are two possibilities:

  • By arranging contacts in parishes that are interested in a joint event with SELAM (lectures, bazaar, confirmation classes).

  • You can also independently organize and conduct events such as lectures, a bazaar or confirmation classes.

our range

We offer an introduction to anyone who is interested. It is about the history of SELAM, concrete examples of how children and young people are helped, the way we present SELAM and getting to know documentation, books and films that can be used at church events.


Over a fine lunch there is also the opportunity to exchange ideas and collect ideas for events.

Sign up

You can register directly using the form below if you would like to find out more about the program for ambassadors and take part in an introductory event. Since this is the first event, we ask that you register by March 31, 2022 .

Thank you for your interest! We are very happy and will contact you with information on the first meeting for ambassadors.

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