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Hygiene project



In the upper SELAM school classes, we noticed that many girls have monthly absences. When we enquired about this, we learned that many girls cannot afford hygiene products for their menstruation and thus do not attend school for a few days each month. These absences have a negative impact on their academic performance and reduce their chances of professional development. To counteract the problem, we initiated the Hygiene Project.

How the project works

  • The girls are selected by teachers and social workers at SELAM who know the girls' circumstances.

  • The girls are educated by specialists on matters of hygiene and health and supported throughout the project's duration.

  • They receive the following items: Sanitary pads (monthly), hair oil, soap, Vaseline, underwear, toothbrush (quarterly), a comb (every six months)


How can I help?

Support a girl with CHF 30 and she will receive all the above-named products for one year. 

The use of the funds and the project's implementation are monitored by the SELAM management team. SELAM Switzerland receives an annual project report and statement of accounts.

Let us give young women back their dignity by properly supplying them with the hygiene products necessary for daily life. Thank you for your valuable support. 



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