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Day-Care Project


Addis Abeba



Finding childcare for infants is a great challenge for single mothers, as they often have to earn their own living. Yet many businesses do not allow mothers to bring their children to work with them. This makes working life considerably more difficult for these women. That is why SELAM has set up a day-care centre that provides childcare for 150 children. This gives mothers – most of whom are still young – the chance to catch up on their education or work regular hours, thereby improving their circumstances.

How the project works

  • Children in need up to the age of 5 are selected by our social workers.

  • The target group is single mothers with no regular income.

  • At the day-care centre, the children gain a daily routine. It offers a clean and child-friendly environment and active supervision, as well as breakfast and lunch.

  • The aim is to support children from the outset in developing their personality.

  • Every mother who benefits from the day-care centre helps out there herself once a month.


How can I help?

You can help to co-finance the day-care centre. On average, a child visits the centre 26 days a month. The costs break down as follows:

With your support, we can keep the day-care centre open. The children grow up in an appropriate environment, and the young mothers receive the opportunity to improve their circumstances.

KITA Spenden


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