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Have you ever tried injera? Do shiro and berbere mean anything to you? If you're a little stumped right now, you've come to the right place. But also, even if you're nodding enthusiastically.


In our cookbook "Eine Her(d)zensangelegenheit" we take you on a journey through the Ethiopian cuisine. In addition to Ethiopian recipes, 12 of our apprentices who are completing vocational training at the SELAM restaurant introduce themselves.


The cookbook can be ordered now.

Order the cookbook

"I already have work experience in the kitchen, but I could still learn a lot of new things. I enjoy the training a lot. I also always try new recipes at home.


Food plays a big role in my life and so - if I were prime minister for a day - I would offer food in a big hall for all people in need."


- Aselefech Benega, Home Economics & Gastronomy Apprentice



Details about the cookbook

  • Available language: German

  • Ready for shipment, approx. 5 days delivery time

  • Selling price: CHF 24.90.- excl. shipping costs of CHF 5.- up to 3 books. From 4 books shipping costs of CHF 10.-.

  • Size: A5

  • Number of pages: Total 40 pages with a total of 15 recipes and 12 interviews of apprentices

  • Binding: Spiral binding, so that the cookbook can be easily unfolded


"What I appreciate most about this training is the experienced trainers. We can benefit a lot from them. In addition, all the material is provided here and I don't have to bring anything myself.


I already tried out many recipes as a child and it was quickly clear to me that I wanted to make this my profession.


- Bethlehem Sissay, Apprentice Home Economics & Gastronomy

Thank you!

Our cookbook, which was originally developed from a final project of our employee Sarah Meier, is a joint project in which many hard-working hands have collaborated. We would like to express our sincere thanks to:

  • our sponsor Sailer Druck Medien GmbH, who has supported us with printed products for many years.

  • the SELAM trainees who agreed to tell us more about themselves, their training and future aspirations.

  • the trainer and long-time SELAM employee Azenegash, for arranging the visit to the training classes and for preparing the recipes.

  • Genet Meier-Röschli for translating the recipes from Amharic to German and for the cooking tips.

  • bei Yonas Luche from Luche Multimedia Production for the interviews and photos.

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