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Shortly after the first children were admitted to SELAM in 1986, the construction of the first school building began. Today SELAM runs a kindergarten,  two primary schools (grades 1-8), one secondary school (grades 9-12) and evening classes.



Addis Abeba und Wukro

Children between the ages of 4 and 6 can attend the SELAM kindergarten. There are two kindergarten levels, as children are still developing strongly at this age. Here children come into contact with numbers and letters in a playful way. A major focus is on storytelling, role-playing, creative projects and movement. The national language, Amharic, is used for teaching.

The children can attend the kindergarten 5 days a week, for about 30 weeks a year.

361 Kinder in Addis Abeba

221 Kinder in Wukro

Addis Abeba und Wukro

primary school

In SELAM there are two primary schools from the 1st to the 8th grade. In the first level (1st - 4th grade) subjects such as English, mathematics, Amharic, environmental studies and physical education are taught. In the second level (5th - 6th grade) there are also political studies, geography, art and music. Biology, physics, chemistry and sociology follow in the third level (7th - 8th grade). At the end of the 8th grade there is a national exam, passing which is a prerequisite for attending secondary school.

1'602 Schülerinnen/Schüler in Addis Abeba

396 Schülerinnen/Schüler in Wukro

Addis Abeba

secondary school

The SELAM secondary school is also divided into two levels. The Junior Secondary School includes the 9th and 10th grades. Then the last two school years begin;  the Preparatory School. At the end of the 12th school year there is a national exam (Ethiopian General School Leaving Certificate Examination). The points achieved determine whether the graduates can attend a state university, a private university or a college with practical vocational training.

In 2019, 144 SELAM students took the exam. Of these, 85% achieved enough points to attend a public or private university. The other 15% achieved enough points to start an apprenticeship at the SELAM vocational training center  to be completed. If the required points for one of the above-mentioned tertiary educational institutions are not achieved, there is the possibility of completing a short-term course at SELAM. 

975 Schülerinnen/Schüler in Addis Abeba

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