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Friends Letter & Newsletter

In order to always follow the latest developments from SELAM, you can subscribe to our postal letter to friends or our e-mail newsletter free of charge.




Would you like to subscribe to the friend's letter?

The subscription is free. You will receive our friend's letter four times a year, either by e-mail or by post, depending on your preference.

Wie möchten Sie das AKTUELL erhalten?

Thanks very much!

friend letter

Quarterly we send a friend's letter with the latest information from SELAM Ethiopia and from the Swiss office. Employees, trainees, alumni and those doing community service are also often interviewed, giving you a direct insight into SELAM's work. You can find the latest issues here.




We send out our email newsletter at least four times a year. The newsletter is less detailed than the friend 's letter , but just as exciting to read. Sign up today to get exciting SELAM news in your inbox soon. When registering, you can choose between the general SELAM and Wukro newsletter. Due to the project integration, two different newsletters are currently being sent out.

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