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Work and economic growth

The eighth goal is to promote sustainable economic growth and create dignified workplaces. At the same time, human trafficking, modern-day slavery and forced labour are to be eliminated. ( FDFA / 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ) Here you can find out how SELAM is contributing towards this goal.


SELAM as an employer

With over 700 employees, SELAM is one of the country's major employers. In addition to the children's villages, SELAM owns industrial operations at three locations ( Addis Ababa , Hawassa and Dire Dawa ) as well as three restaurants.

A wide range of products are manufactured at SELAM Hawassa's industrial operations, including agricultural and construction machinery, boats, furniture, millstones, water pumps, cemented adobe bricks, toys and much more. These operations make an important contribution to increasing the site's proportion of self-financing.

SELAM is committed to fair employment conditions. Employees are protected by employment law, have regular working hours and protection against unfair dismissal, and receive pension contributions and health insurance. In addition, SELAM has its own union that represents employees and their concerns. advocates for the concerns of employees.

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