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No poverty

The first sustainability goal is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. ( FDFA / 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ). Here you can find out how SELAM is contributing towards this goal.

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School education

A proper school education offers a way out of poverty and is something we champion. Within our community support programme, we provided 787 children and young people with a full scholarship to attend school in 2020. We currently support an additional 157 children and young people with donated school supplies. 

Children's Village

In the last seven years, SELAM has supported an average of 355 orphans and children in need per year. In the SELAM children's villages, the children gain a new family and access to a precious education. The young people are given support for up to six months after completing their first initial education (traineeship / degree course), thereby ensuring that they successfully manage the transition into independent living. 

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Day-care centre

The SELAM day-care centre offers single mothers daytime childcare. This allows the mothers to work and thereby generate an income whilst simultaneously ensuring their children are properly cared for. The service is free, but in return, every mother helps out once a month at the day-care centre. Before the day-care centre had to close because of COVID-19, 129 children and mothers benefitted from this service.

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