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Gender equality

The fifth goal is to achieve gender equality between men and women. All forms of violence against women are to be eliminated, and women are to be allowed to participate equally and be included as equals in all decision-making ( FDFA / 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ). Here you can find out how SELAM is contributing towards this goal.


Education for everyone

The SELAM schools and vocational training centres are open to everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or religion. In 2020, 1,393 trainees in total were undergoing vocational training (regular and short courses at all sites), of which 43.5 per cent were women.

Hygiene project

SELAM promotes equal opportunities for school students via its Hygiene Project. We noticed that many girls avoid classes when they are menstruating, as they do not have enough hygiene products at their disposal. This is why they now receive the necessary products free of charge, and can attend a course on sexual education, hygiene, etc.

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Empowerment of women

SELAM offers a handicraft studio for older, single women. Here, the women can pursue a paid activity in a safe environment and build a social life. In addition, 30 women were supported with microcredits in 2019 so that they can implement their own business ideas. For many years SELAM has also been operating a day-care centre, a place where single mothers receive free daytime childcare and can thus work again.

Other programs and projects that contribute to this goal
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